Why Bank Local With Mission National Bank?

Banking with a regional community bank makes a difference. Local business expertise means you get higher quality of service, you get direct access to decision makers and your community thrives. 

Direct Access To Decision Makers

It's the unexpected moment that you will appreciate banking locally. It is not the small day to day conveniences of working with a local bank that matter most, it is those unexpected moments when direct access to decision makers really makes a difference. Just ask a few of our customers who have had the "Aha" moment when an unexpected cash flow issue necessitated a quick resolution on a new loan, when MNB took care of an insufficient funds problem that was preventing an important bill from being paid, or a lost checkbook issue that was resolved quickly. Access to decision makers is what you get when you bank local.

You Are Treated Like Family

Quality service starts at the top. Mission National Bank is owned and managed by people who live and work in the Bay Area. It's not just the friendly staff at the door or the tellers who greet you who call this community home; it's also the board members, shareholders and management. When you walk in the door and get your first smile you will feel something different than your typical banking experience. You will feel a community of people ready to serve you and treat you like family. You will be seen as an individual who is an important member of our community. That's our promise to you.

Local Business Expertise

We have served niche markets for over 25 years and can guide and connect you to the right people so that you and your business can thrive. We've developed niche markets in hotels, gas stations, assisted living facilities, mixed-use, and small apartment buildings. But don't just take our word for it:
"I have banked with Mission National Bank for several years now. Words cannot express my appreciation of their efficiency, diligence, and overall excellence in service. The knowledge and helpfulness of their officers have been critical to the success of my business endeavors over the years. Thank you Mission National and I look forward to continue working together in the future" 

-Stephen Ng, Owner AMPM Gas Station 3121 Bernal Ave, Pleasanton, Ca 94566

We Help Our Community Thrive

We focus on underserved markets. Approximately 85% of our portfolio goes towards servicing true small businesses (Revenues less than $1 million) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Investment in small business fosters growth for the business and in the community it operates.

Diversity is not a slogan at Mission National Bank. Our board and employees are made up of the rich diversity of this region and we in turn are proud to serve the many cultures that make the Bay Area a great place to live. We especially focus on serving minorities that have been traditionally underserved by the banking community. 

Approximately two-thirds of our lending resources go to financing viable opportunities in low to moderate income areas such as financing affordable housing and residential hotels in San Francisco in partnership with "Care not Cash". Long term economic vitality requires growth in every level of society. That's our mission. 

Move Your Money NowBe a part of the Move Your Money Movement and Move Your Money NOW! Watch the YouTube video that tells the story of what magic can happen when banks stay local. Or visit the Move Your Money Project Website.