"Small businesses like ours depend on access to capital, and our partnership with MNB has given us the comfort and security to know that our financial needs will continue to be met and our business can continue to grow and thrive."

- Yakuh Askew, owner

Y.A Studio
777 Florida St
Unit 301
San Francisco, CA 94110

Josephine Wong Map

Y.A. studio is a San Francisco based architectural design studio committed to bringing an innovative and modern approach to design, primarily in the San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe areas. The studio was founded around the ideals of social responsibility within architecture; focusing on developing future skilled professionals, serving the under-served and under-housed within our communities, and elevating the social discourse of our built environment while minimizing its impact on the natural environment. Y.A. studio is an African American owned Architectural firm, registered Certified Minority-Owned San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (LBE), and a Micro Business Enterprise (MBE).

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