Meet the decision makers! All commercial loans are approved by senior executives in-house.

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Why Choose MNB for your loan?

  • Discuss your loan terms directly with the decision makers at your local bank.
  • Work with a team that understands the business challenges unique to the
    Bay Area.
  • Receive outstanding personal service and advice from the top down.

Mission National Bank provides financing for many types of commercial business and commercial real estate. We have specialized expertise and understanding in several key markets in the Bay Area.

We serve:

  • Hospitality – Franchised and independent properties
  • Mixed use and retail commercial properties
  • Office buildings – owner occupied and investor real-estate
  • Multi –unit residential apartment buildings
  • SRO Hotels – Master leased and owner operators and properties with mixed licenses
  • Care homes/Assisted Living facilities
  • Gas station/convenience store operations
  • Other special purpose commercial real-estate properties

Business loans to finance your trade cycle, purchase equipment and expand operations are available and can be tailored to your specific needs. We believe that "one size does not fit all" and will work to understand our clients' needs before offering solutions.

Clients have direct access to the decision makers making Mission National Bank unique. We deal in a very straight forward manner with complete transparency of fees and costs and we have become
trusted advisors to many clients. Our relationship managers are all experienced bankers who have
worked in the Bay Area for many years.

Cash Management and other electronic banking products to assist clients cash management needs are available such as on-line banking and mobile banking with local customer support.

Talk to a banker at (415) 826-3627 about your financing needs for projects in the San Francisco Bay Area

Customer Spotlight -  Kanti Pantel, Owner, Mira Vista Hotel

Kanti Patel

Mission National Bank Loan
Customer since 2017

“Access to capital is key to running a boutique hotel. Mission National Bank did an excellent job on servicing my loan and making the process from start to finish a smooth transaction — loan requirements were streamlined and I could communicate directly
with the executives approving my loan. Mission National Bank provides exceptional personalized service. MNB understands my business sector and values me as a small business customer. I can even reach out to the CEO when I need to resolve an issue – and that’s a good feeling.”

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